Cannot keep unresolved issues alive on Github - closed automatically

Sometimes I am registering issues on Github in a “frontend” section.
After some period some issue becomes “stale” - and then I receive a letter “the issues is stale” which makes to to re-check the issue and prolong it by adding a comment - so the issue is not closed automatically.

But with my issues in a “core” section the situation is uncontrollable:
after some period I receive a letter “the issue is closed automatically” - and I am not warned that this is going to happen, not emails about “stale”.

Because of this stupid reason now two my issues (and one of them is important) are closed - and they are not resolved.
These issues:

Why the hell I am not warned about “stale” state?
Can anyone re-open these issues? I cannot do it by myself.

Shouldn’t the question be: why is nobody reacting on those issues?

Go check these issues, if you find them meaningless - add an appropriate comment.

And your post was not an answer to my question.
The basic point is - why the issue-starter is not informed as it is in case of “frontend” section?

If some issue is a double of some other one or related to some other one - this info should be added to the issue; the issue may be closed with a specified reason - not just “closed automatically”. This is how it is supposed to work.

I wasn’t saying your issues are meaningless. I hope they get some traction soon. But you are asking the wrong question I believe. The way GitHub works is not something anybody here can help you with it is just how it works. Maybe you can ask Microsoft since it’s their property I believe.
But to keep an issue open and maybe really solved any day soon I would ask why is nobody responding to those issues?

Probably because there are a few of developers, much more simple testers (like me) and lots of users…
Developers cannot react in time to many issues.

Now what we have to do is “check your issues 1-2 times a week” - if it becomes “stale”, then add a comment kind of “the issue is still present in version XXXXXX”.
If some unresolved issue as closed automatically - seems I have to open a NEW SAME issue (which adds some more chaos to the issues list).

It seems that the “core” & “frontend” sections have difference in part of life-cycle, notification rules etc.

Ok, so maybe the founder of those sections can change this? Can you find out who that is?

I am not sure, it could be balloob himself…

Just for information, that’s not a default behaviour of github. That’s a bot put in place by HA devs themselves to do that…

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