Cannot link Calex Smart Bulb via Zigbee2MQTT

Hi there.

I am trying to link my first ever device and cannot get it working.

I have followed this guide to get 2MQTT set up:

Setting up Zigbee2MQTT and MQTT broker Mosquito in Home Assistant - YouTube

but my device never shows up on the Zigbee2MQTT page on HA.

The bulb is flashing, so it is looking to sync.

The bulb I am using is this - Calex Smart Standard LED lamp 7W 806lm 1800-3000K - Calex

Any advice, on what to do, would be much appreciated.

There are only 2 bulbs shown when searching for Calex

None look like yours.

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Thank you - you are completely right.

I just returned it to Tesco and got a replacement from Ikea, which is now working perfectly.

The bulb you bought works over WiFi rather than the Zigbee protocol.

Iโ€™ve had some luck integrating similar bulbs using a modified broadlink component, but I donโ€™t know if these are white labeled broadlink bulbs.