Cannot load history anywhere in HA - "loading state history..."

Same here on 0.80.2 on raspberry pi 3.

Hopefully 0.80.3 will be released soon for hassio.

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Can confirm. Just updated docker container, and it is now working as expected.

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Fixed for me in 0.80.3.

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Yes, I can confirm as well, 0.80.3 resolved it. :slight_smile:
That was fast!

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Same issue for me. Pi 3 + HA 0.80.2

Yes, fixed in 0.80.3, happy days

Read the two posts above yours (and the one after!)

Same issue here. Upgraded to 0.80.3 and still happening.

There is no 0.80.3 available for me :confused:

Really? What type of installation are you running? sometimes takes a while to catch up on releases.

Try from ssh:
hassio ha update -o version=0.80.3

I used that to update 6 hours ago

Fixed with 0.80.3

Reload the web interface when it asks to or it will not show the history.

Same issue on Pi 3 + HA 0.80.2
I downgraded to HA 0.80.1

Upgrade to 0.80.3 instead …

Not showing the upgrade option on the Hass.IO tab. What is the manual “check for updates” method?
Thanks in advance


this solution works for me,

Methinks a database index was overlooked. I will wait for an new update before I try history again.

Confirmed. 0.80.3 fixed the issue for me.

0.80.3 fixed the issue for me. But history_graph component still not working

Working here