Cannot open any add-on web UI

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Hi guys. I hope someone can help!

I am running the latest version of HA installed using the (now obsolete) supervised method, which I know it is not officially supported.

I am having troubles to open any web UI of any integrations. I am debugging the simple “File editor” just to test it out, and in the log I get this:

INFO:2020-10-24 18:14:11,424:hass_configurator.configurator:Starting server
INFO:2020-10-24 18:14:11,425:hass_configurator.configurator:Listening on:
WARNING:2020-10-24 18:18:04,279:hass_configurator.configurator:Client IP not within allowed networks.
INFO:2020-10-24 18:18:04,280:hass_configurator.configurator: - "GET / HTTP/1.1" 420 -

I tried adding in the configruation.yaml under the http section, the line ip_ban_enabled:false but it didn’t fix the issue. I am wondering if I should enable any port forwarding? But I am sure exactly what to do.

Thanks in advance!

The File editor is an add-on not an integration

Integrations connect HA to things.

Add-ons are other software

Thanks for the correction. Good point.

Just to give an update. I ended up installing HA with docker and things work as they should now.