Cannot re-add HUSBZB-1 ZHA Integration after removing

Having issues re-adding my HUSBZB-1 stick after removing from ZHA. The ZWave portion still works great.

I was having issues removing items from ZHA. I wanted to remove one and even though I had the correct device selected, zha removed a different one. Like the intelligent person I am, I kept trying until all my devices were removed (only 3 so not a big deal). Then because I am super smart, I decided to remove the integration entirely since I was having issues re-adding the devices.

Since then I have gone to add it back several times with no luck. I’ve tried restarting a lot as well as completely removing power. I’ve tried all the paths available in hardware with no luck. I originally added it with /dev/serial/by-id/usb-Silicon_Labs_HubZ_Smart_Home_Controller_61202513-if01-port0 (or if00 can’t remember which is which), but it seems that no longer works.

I can’t seem to find any related issues, or any way to troubleshoot further… Not much to go on, but does anyone have an idea?

You may need to reset the devices and call zha.permit service. Enable debug logging and post the logs if you need further help.

Whoa… This is freaky I’m having the exact same issue.

Now I’ve finally added things back after a lot of fidgeting, but I have dimmer switches showing up as a ‘switch’ so only giving me on/off functionality. Sorry not much else to go on either, but wanted to say I have/had the same problem.

I had to go and cut power to all my zigbee devices before one finally connected.

Strange… I have tried a few more times, but today it just started working… After I power cycled it allowed me to add ZHA back. Thanks for the help!

Also, it’s the * * /dev/serial/by-id/usb-Silicon_Labs_HubZ_Smart_Home_Controller_61202513-if01-port0 one to anyone who can’t remember