Cannot re-authenticate Plex integration

Plex was breached yesterday so I’ve changed my password (and also turned on 2FA for my account!). As part of this process I used the option to sign me out of all servers/clients.

I signed back in to my Plex server, that’s all sorted now. However Home Assistant is throwing the following error and I’m not sure how to resolve it?
The full error message is: Translation Error: The intl string context variable “host” was not provided to the string “{name} ({host})”

When I click RECONFIGURE HA provides this message: Continue to to link a Plex server. ← This is a generic link and doesn’t allow me to reconfigure the integration. I cannot disable / delete the integration.

I tried to restart Core and that didn’t work, so I rebooted the whole VM (just in case) but still getting this issue.

Does anyone have any advice please?

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Made some progress…I was being an idiot and not clicking “Submit” as the hyperlink confused me.

However, I now cannot see my server in the list once I do re-authenticate. I only see servers that have been shared with me…

Resolved the issue now

  • For those of you who don’t know (like me!) the “Attention required” popup on the Integrations page is separate to the actual integration itself. I was able to delete my old Plex integration by finding that further down my integrations list (my assumption was that the “Attention required” notice was my integration that had been brought to the top for attention…you know what they say about assumptions)
  • Once I deleted the integration I set it up again using the “Configure Plex server manually” option & using the local IP
  • I’ve no idea why I couldn’t see my local server when I did use the RECONFIGURE button - If anyone knows why that might be, I’d be interested to know as my server is remotely accessible…

I also get the error but only setting up plex for the first time in HA. I can set up my local server but cannot access a remote server I have shared to my account

Sounds like your issue isn’t really related to mine unfortunately, you’d most likely be better starting your own thread :+1:

FWIW I don’t think you can set up the integration for a server you do not own as you need certain privileges to do so.

Yes you may be correct in that it won’t work but I’d have thought signing into my account would being in all servers so I can see what is being watched using my account

I believe you’re incorrect in your assumption / understanding of the integration.

You don’t sign in to your Plex account for this integration, you link up with a specific Plex server. If you watch content on another server that you do not manage then you will be unable to see your activity on that server via the HA Plex integration.

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