Cannot reach frontend after including certificats to configuration.yaml (using https to connect!)

Dear all,

I’m running HA as VM on a Synology Diskstation.
Used to access the frontend internally using http (http:// IP:8123) and externally using my own domain with installed certificats on the Diskstation by using its reverse proxy (https:// MY.DOMAIN with reverse proxy https:// MY.DOMAIN:443->http:// IP:8123). This worked well with the LetsEncrypt Certificates from my Diskstation.
Tonight I had the stupid idea to setup https for internal access as well and added the following lines to configuration.yaml after creating the folder “ssl” within config and uploading the two certificate file exported from my diskstation:

  ssl_certificate: /config/ssl/fullchain.pem
  ssl_key: /config/ssl/privkey.pem

After restarting HA, its no more possible to reach the fronted using http://IP:8123 or https://IP:8123 internally. Likewise, external access to frontend is no more working.

I cannot edit configuration.yaml using SSH since the add-on is not installed.

Oberver ist working (http:// IP:4357):

Do you see any chance to access configuration.yaml, remove the three lines mentioned above and restart?

Any help is highly appreciated, I crashed a well working system and put many hours and efforts to it.

All the best and kind regards

(added the spaces after http/https since i was not allowed to post more than 2 links)

No idea how to get or change my configuration.yaml? It drives me crazy. Two lines destroyed my system:-(

If you have working backups already downloaded then you could restore using one of those.

Otherwise you’ll need to connect up a keyboard and monitor

Regrettably, I have no backups.
Where to connect the Monitor/Keyboard (HA is running as VM on a Synology Diskstation) and what to do thereafter? Thanks so much for any help!!

Maybe some good news:
I went to another PC an there was the (no more reloading) Web UI still open showing my configuration.yaml. so I could copy and save the content. What is now the best way to recover the system? I have no idea how to access…

As a VM on the diskstation there should be a console option.

As for configuration.yaml that’s only a tiny part of your config.

Recovery, if you don’t have a console, is likely to be deleting the VM and starting from scratch.