Cannot restart Home Assistant from System or Developers Tools Menu

I was trying to restart the Home Assistant front end and if I use the restart option under the system menu or in the developer tools section absolutely nothing happens and Home Assistant doesn’t restart. I have tried clearing my browser cache tried with Chrome, Edge and the IOS Home Assistant App and I cannot restart the only way I can perform a restart of the front end is by physically shutting down and rebooting the host PC.

I am running

Any help would be greatly appreciated

In the developer tools yaml section perform a config check. Even if it passes take note of your persistent notifications and logs. Errors may be reported there.

open a SSH console and type

host shutdown

I actually did a config check last night and it never completed, I was tired so I went to bed.

It made me wonder if somehow the configuration.yaml was corrupt so I made a backup then deleted it and physically rebooted the PC. Once back in I went through the file and removed a couple of lines I didn’t need any longer and added everything back and now the perform check works correctly and I can restart Home Assistant from either developer tools or system menu

I guess something must have gone sideways with the original configuration.yaml

Yes indeed. A failed config check will prevent restarting.

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Appreciate the help