Cannot return a removed entity


I accidentally removed some of my TP-link deco entities via the configuration->entities-> ‘remove selected’

I can’t find the removed entities in the entities page (even when show disabled check box is checked)
Tried to remove the deco device (with all its entities), restart and reinstall the device. I get all entities beside the entities I removed
Looked under /config/.storage/core.entity_registery but didn’t find anomaly there
Any ideas?


Did you try adding it manually?

Manual configuration steps

If there wasn’t any discovered automatically, don’t worry! You can set up a manual integration entry:

*     Browse to your Home Assistant instance.
*     In the sidebar click on Configuration.
*     From the configuration menu select: Integrations.
*     In the bottom right, click on the Add Integration button.
*     From the list, search and select “TP-Link Kasa Smart”.
*     Follow the instruction on screen to complete the set up.

Thanks @Mikefila

This TP link device is a a UPnP (router) device and not smart home device.
The device itself got discovered. I’m missing some of its entities.


I see perhaps disabling upnp on the router, remove the integration, reboot the host from the supervisor page, and then renable it on the router.

Didn’t solve it.
It looks to me as if home assistant stores the removed entities in some file and never re-allow them

Esphome has a quirk though that it sometimes doesn’t clear the entity, when it is re added it will add _2 with the same name. Have you looked in dev tools to see if the entities are there with a suffix?

Thanks, but I guess this is not the case as there are no _2 entities for this device

The esphome problem was solved by removing the config file from .storage but it was it’s own config file just for 1 device. Not part of the core entities/devices. Have you looked through the other files besides the core?

I also noticed in core.config_entries there is a entry "pref_disable_new_entities": false, for each integration. Is upnp set to false?

If you add a new item to the router does it find the new entity?

I didn’t find any spacious files (beside the esphome*). I also looked for X20 (the router) and found it only in legit files

[core-ssh .storage]$ grep -rnw X20  .
./core.device_registry:546:                "model": "X20",
./core.device_registry:547:                "name": "X20",
./core.entity_registry:2534:                "original_name": "X20 wan status",
./core.entity_registry:2551:                "original_name": "X20 B received",
./core.entity_registry:2568:                "original_name": "X20 B sent",
./core.entity_registry:2585:                "original_name": "X20 packets received",
./core.entity_registry:2602:                "original_name": "X20 packets sent",
./core.entity_registry:2619:                "original_name": "X20 External IP",
./core.entity_registry:2636:                "original_name": "X20 Uptime",
./core.entity_registry:2653:                "original_name": "X20 wan status",
./core.config_entries:359:                "title": "X20",

Yes, it is false

It is not configurable. I can’t add/remove items to the router.
I used to have ‘byte received per sec’ and ‘byte transmitted per sec’
I guess I’ll leave it as is. I don’t want to waste your time
Thanks for the help!

Looks like your not alone upnp is loosing sensors on other routers.