Cannot seem to move datadisk from USB hardrive to internal hard drive

Hi there, as the title suggests, it seems I cannot boot the HAOS without the usb hard drive being present.

I have attempted to move the datadisk both through the command line and the ui option in settings. It suggests that it’s been a success with the storage increasing to match my 1TB hardrive, however upon shutting down, rebooting without USB or simply removing the USB hardrive the system throws errors or goes straight to bios.

Where have I gone wrong?

For reference, I’m running HAOS on an unused PC and flashed the pc using a USB hardrive as stated in the installation phase. I’ve had the system up and running perfectly, although when trying to move datadisk’s it seems to keep some or all of the data on the disk which is crucial for booting the OS.

Anyone? Still having this issue…