Cannot select person for zone trigger with Unifi-enabled tracker


My home network is fully based on Unifi devices - UDM-Pro as a router, Unifi switches + Unifi U6-LR APs. Unifi is integrated with HA. But the problem is that I cannot select a person for a zone trigger when then person has assigned a device with unifi tracker.

I have an iPhone with the HA app installed. If the only device tracker of the person is the HA mobile app, I can select the person entity as a zone trigger. But if I add another device tracker to the person based on a unifi device tracker (the same iPhone connected to unifi AP), it does not offer me the person as a zone trigger anymore.

Any idea why? My understanding was that network-based trackers are in general better because they preserve battery and should be in general faster than trackers based on GPS location (and the HA mobile app is in my understanding a tracker based on GPS location only).

No idea, please? Or does it work for you?