Cannot sent picture using Telegram


When I try to send to send a picture using Telegram, I got this error message:

Error sending file: urllib3 HTTPError ('Connection aborted.', timeout('The write operation timed out',)). Args: (503863223, <_io.BytesIO object at 0x6f010450>), kwargs: {'caption': None, 'parse_mode': 'Markdown', 'disable_notification': False, 'disable_web_page_preview': None, 'reply_to_message_id': None, 'reply_markup': None, 'timeout': None}

   "message":"The sun is {% if is_state('sun.sun', 'above_horizon') %}up{% else %}down{% endif %}!",
} well target a picture. Moreover text message can be sent without any issue.

Any idea why pictures cannot be sent?


What folder are the pictures saved in?

Is it whitelisted?

The log error message in my previous message is the only one I can see.
The picture is not saved in local. I take it directly from Android IP Webcam. Their is no password required, and I can download it without any issue manually.

I tried also with a picture hosted on a public website, with the same problem.

I think you will still need to whitelist the directory it is in within homeassistant to be able to access it.

I guess you are talking about the http component? Do you know which folder I have to whitelist?

The one that the picture is in.

But where Home Assistant saved the file once it download them?

I thought it was in a folder on a remote machine? If so it should be the path to that folder.