Cannot sign into Home Assistant on other devices

I have set up Home assistant on a Windows machine using Virtualbox I can access it on my main computer, but when I try to log in on another computer (on the same network) or my android phone, it says “invalid username or password” I am using the name on my profile, and I have changed the password on my profile and am using that new password. What am I missing?

Check this: Login issues with correct user name and password

Thanks for the reply Tom.
The link mentions going to root/config/.storage/auth.
How do I find that file on a VMvirtualbox installation on windows?

No idea. Just meant this bit:

Are you sure the username that you used is the same as the name of the user that you can see?

those are different things.

I’m running HA through VirtualBox on windows as well, and only recently got this sorted.

If you install the terminal & SSH Add on in Supervisor add on store, you can then browse to the HA files needed through your windows explorer.

Thanks Stuart.
Terminal & SSH and WinSCP got me there!
Now have my username.