Cannot solve Pyscript ModuleNotFoundError

I have a py script that should run in Pyscript. I should say that this is not my script and I am not python programmer. However, at the moment I have problem with single error message:

Exception in </config/pyscript/> line 5: from hewalex_geco.devices import PCWU, ZPS ^ ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'hewalex_geco'

the error is caused by the following line
from hewalex_geco.devices import PCWU, ZPS
where hewalex_geco.devices are folders where PCWU, ZPS files are located.

Is this Pyscript bug?

As I understand it should work!
Also when I try to use

from .hewalex_geco.devices import PCWU, ZPS

I get:

ImportError: attempted relative import with no known parent package

maybe someone has an idea how to fix this. Is it bug? Or is there syntax error?

There’s a couple of ways to import modules into pyscript. Read more here: