Cannot stream *.pls radio stream to chromecast

Hey, good HA folks. I’m new to HA and to the community and I was hoping you could help me with a problem:
I am trying to get my local radio channel (living in Vienna) to stream to my chromecast. My configuration is a simple script at the moment:

  - service: media_player.play_media
      entity_id: media_player.wohnzimmer
      media_content_type: music

i can’t seem to make the .pls extension work. If I choose a random channel with a *.mp3 stream it works just fine. I’ve played around with different content types: channel, playlist, audio/mp3, audio/mpeg but these make no difference.

Thank you in advance for your help

I’m not 100% certain .pls is supported but there are a few other media_content_types you can try:

  • audio/mp4
  • audio/x-mpegurl

If neither of these work, you might find something useful in this thread.

These content types don’t work, either.

I’ve read through the thread you mentioned but couldn’t find anything helpful. Apparently with Swedish stations one can rename the pls to mp3, but I don’t see that working here (tried it anyways).

Any other idea? This is my favorite station, and it would be so awesome, if it worked.

Any idea on how i could go on debugging this?

The log files don’t tell me anything about why this isn’t working. According to this page the content type is audio/mpeg, although this doesn’t work either.

When I try to open the pls file in the browser it logs:

Resource interpreted as Document but transferred with MIME type audio/x-scpls:".

This content type doesn’t work either.

the listen.pls file is apparently nothing more than a playlist container that contains the following:


This is confusing me, because the link doesn’t seem to lead to a mp3 stream, but to the shoutcast landing page, displaying the stream status. I can’t quite understand where the stream is actually coming from.

With some more google-smashing I did find the answer.

It is a peculiarity of shoutcast streams. The solution is to at ;/stream.mp3 to the end of the url:;stream.mp3


hey thanks a lot ! :+1: