Cannot update to 0.83.2 from 0.82.1


Hello. I struggle with upgrading process for days. I cannot upgrade my HA to newest version (0.83.2) from 0.82.1, Everytime I press “update” - the process starts, but after login I have still 0.82.1.

My Ha is running on Raspberry Pi, without any additional plugins installed.

I’ve tried to upgrade via HA panel (update button), and even using Putty (hassio ha update --options version=0.83.2) but doesn’t work. I don’receive any logs… seems like update doesn’t run - but the green light on RPI is on, so RPI for sure downloaded data… Upgrading using putty caused this error: “Network error: Software caused connection abort”.

I’ve even deleted database (I thought this was the case, but stil no luck…). I’ve done upgrades everytime new version comes out (since half year) and didn’t noticed anything like this before…

Any thoughts on this issue?


Same problem…


same issue with non-hassio using pvenv setup on rpi3

edit: found the issue to be owntracks, removed it and now upgrade works


Same problem, did it yesterday and now nothing when I connect to web server port.
I do not use owntracks.

Any idea how to recover without loosing data ?



Similar problem here. Current ver is 81.6. When attempting to update through the panel it seems to stall and get hung, and have to physically power cycle. Upon reboot the update appears to not have happened. Using a Pi 3. Also after these attempts I have a Vision ZP3111 Multi sensor that when it senses motion will turn on all my lights and my Living Room group. This happens with all my automation’s off and cannot find any association with that entity that would trigger those other devices. The strangest thing. I’ll be rolling back to a previous back up and go from there.


Looks to be a breaking change with OwnTracks affecting most people. It lives on its own now

OwnTracks allows the user to set advanced configuration by adding a section to your configuration.yaml .

# Example configuration.yaml entry


If you haven’t noticed yet, your SD card is filling up. I had the same issue and noticed that even though it appeared the update failed or did nothing, a copy remained in the not-so-easily-accessible partition.
The good devs that hang out on Discord walked me through the process to clean it up but I found it difficult enough even for this old Unix hack to just make a fresh copy of everything in my config directory to my laptop (thank you Samba), scratch the SD and install a fresh copy of 0.83.2 and rebuild.
Yes, it took about 4 hours to fire up the clean pi (I went to bed) and another couple hours in the morning to reconstruct to normal operation but… all is good with the world… for now.