Cannot update to latest version, dependency problem

I have Home Assistant Core installed inside a Raspbian and I cannot update to October 2022 versions because they depend on python package Cryptography v38, and that version fails building because it cannot find wheel asn1 version 0.12.2
Can I do something? Why is there a missing package? (It finds older versions but I don’t know if I have to wait or I can do something to obtain that version)

Thanks in advance!

if it is just a core installation, you do need to maintain the dependend packages by yourself.

If Cryptography cannot be updated, because there’s a dependency to wheel:

maybe, it would be an idea to use HomeAssistant OS directly, which is built for running on such Hardware - and does come with all requirements built in… ?

I installed Core because I don’t want to lose the access to real Raspbian because I use the raspi for more things, and using HA OS limits a lot what you can do with the raspi.
I know that there is a problem with a dependency but I don’t understand yet (I’m new to python and pip) why it fails while compiling something with Rust because a package, but I cannot find that package manually and that is why I wrote here, to find somebody that could explain me how it works and if I can do something to find that package or something.


Could it be that your Raspbian was installed some time agao and that version is based on Buster?
Debian, which Raspbian is based on, have since moved to Bulls Eye and that is also the supported version for a HA supervised install.
You might have to look into how you update your Raspbian install to Bulls Eye.

I have SID/unstable that seems to be named Bookworm. (from /etc/issue, but APT repos point to Testing, i.e. Bullseye)
I’ve recently moved from python 3.9 to 3.10 and had a lot of problems running HA again, but my problem persisted in both versions

Bookworm is the next major release of Debian, but it is still in testing and not considered stable yet.

Yes, I don’t know why it appears in /etc/issue, but the APT repos point to testing/Bullseye. In fact I think there are no sid/unstable repos for Raspbian

I solved the problem cleaning the cargo registry in the homeassistant user folder. For some reason it wasn’t updating it and not finding the newer versions