Cannot update "Z-Wave JS UI Update"

I just received the update notice in Settings for two Z-Wave updates, but the update for “Z-Wave JS UI Update” quits with this error:

Is there something wrong with my system?

Here it is OCR’d:

Failed to call service update/install. Error updating Z-Wave JS Ul: Can't install .6.1: 500 Server Error for http+d0cker://localhost/v1.41/images/create?tag=1.6.1&
ui%2Famd64&platform=linux%2Famd64: Internal Server Error ("received unexpected HTTP status: 500 lntenal Server Error")

I’m receiving the same error when trying to install any addons and came here to see if anyone else was. This hints towards it being a problem for everyone.

Seems to be fixed now.

Maybe too many people updating, but it updated on the third try.