Cannot visit devices anymore after updating to 5.0

Hello, as described on subject, I cannot access from browser to any device after updating ESPHOME to version 5.0. Any lead to give? Thanks

Well without any details impossible to help you :frowning: What is exact problem in a more detailed description ?

Thanks for the interest Vincen, what detail you need? I’m running HA on Raspi 4 with last version, I just updated ESPHOME to version 5.0 (last version) . First issue was that all devices were shown offline but I was getting all data without any trouble in Lovelace (old name, I know) . I solved by turning on the flag on status_use_ping inside the ESPHOME configuration. Now, everything works fine but cannot visit any device, after a while I get “ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT”.
I already tried to revert the status_use_ping flag to off, but without success. Any idea?

The ESPHome add-on and the ESPHome integration are two separate entities who are not connected to each other. So if your devices are all working well and delivering all the data as expected, I assume there is a problem with the add-on itself because all your devices are shown offline. Did you change anything in your network? The add-on is using MDNS to resolve the IP-address of your devices, maybe a network change broke MDNS.

Did you already restarted HA to get lost of “hanging” processes regarding the ESPHome add-on? If this doesn’t solve the problem you can try to remove the ESPHome add-on from HA. (Don’t worry all the YAML files are saved in /config/esphome and are not deleted when removing the ESPHome add-on). After removing the ESPHome add-on, restart HA and add the ESPHome add-on again.

And of course make always a backup before you are going “mess around” with your HA instance.

Thanks for the lead. I just restarted the router and now everything is working fine :+1:

Most of time the culprit, that’s why it’s crucial to get some good network equipments and not rely on ISP routers among others… :wink: