Cann't add new Aqara mini switch

Hi, recently bought new version of the Aqara mini switch. I’ve tried numerous ways to get this connected to HA without any success. I use the SkyConnect stick and ZHA with approx 10 other Zigbee devices running smoothly. Any suggestions to solve this?

“When pairing xiaomi, you do need to keep xiaomi awake.
After you receive quick flashes for the 1st time, keep pressing the button like once every second.”

Try that.

Thank you for quick response. sorry to say “been there. done that.”. Configuration only results in battery (unknown) and Identify button + LQI and RSSI info.

Changed the battery? If not try that.

Checked the battery. is fully charged

Change it either way.

The T1 is not supported yet: Aqara mini switch b1acn02 / WXKG13LM · Issue #103265 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

Hi, im new to the Home Assistant game. Will a model such as the T1 normally be supported at a later point in time? (And how so?). I purchased that one and several other Aqara sensors thinking that all would pair effortlessly.
Thank you.

If you switch to Zigbee2MQTT it is already supported.

Thank you. I must admit that I am a total newb, only just got the Home Assistant Green with Skyconnect dongle up and running today (I assume SC runs ZHA since the button is not working).
Ie no knowledge on adding protocols - will prob stay on current setup and work around it.

Sure, all though if you started today it would be very easy to switch over.

You’re right! I want to avoid coding (but will survive the z2m setup - looks manageable with the many guides availabe). Is the pairing and automation of Zigbee devices “coding-free” as with ZHA?

Yes, it’s as easy as opening the GUI through HA, click “permit join” and pair them. You would need to install the MQTT addon too. There’s in-depth guides on

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I followed your advice on switching over. Much better experience!

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