Canonical way to show a "More info" dialog from a custom card?

First question post in this forum, thank y’all for all the awesome info and work on HA!

I’m following the docs to write a custom card, and wondering if there is an API to open a “More info” dialog?

I’m aware that there is state / entity info available to custom cards, but I didn’t see anything in the hass.callService or hass.callWS APIs that seem to do what I want: I’m trying to create a custom floorplan UI and hoping to find a way to show the “More info” dialog for specific entities from event-handling code in my custom card.

I found showMoreInfoDialog while poking around in the source for the frontend repo, but it’s not clear to me if it’s possible to access the same method from custom card code.

For posterity, in case it helps anyone in the future: the way that native views get the “More info” dialog to present is by firing a custom DOM event from the custom component.

This sample code would show the dialog for the entity ID light.some_light:

// `bubbles` because HA listens at the root for this event, `composed`
// because we need this event to pierce the Shadow DOM to bubble
const event = new Event("hass-more-info", {
  bubbles: true,
  composed: true,

event.detail = {
  entityId: 'light.some_light',
  // See
  view: 'info',