Cant access HA after update 23

I have a problem, after updating the HA operating system to the latest, I now can’t access home assistant.
I get a strange tasmoadmin page, and if I log into that I get the following message : (Fatal error : Uncaught Error: Undefined constant __L::PAGE_TITLES_LOVELACE in /var/www/tasmoadmin/tasmoadmin/tmp/cache/i18n/php_i18n_16dff9cb66d1ffd73722a1bb89ef4fca___L_en.cache.php:456 Stack trace: #0 /var/www/tasmoadmin/tasmoadmin/tmp/cache/i18n/php_i18n_16dff9cb66d1ffd73722a1bb89ef4fca___L_en.cache.php(456): constant() #1 /var/www/tasmoadmin/tasmoadmin/includes/bootstrap.php(135): __L() #2 /var/www/tasmoadmin/tasmoadmin/index.php(45): __() #3 {main} thrown in /var/www/tasmoadmin/tasmoadmin/tmp/cache/i18n/php_i18n_16dff9cb66d1ffd73722a1bb89ef4fca___L_en.cache.php on line 456)

I can access the raspberry pi directory of home assistant via my computer, and I can see all the backups etc. what would be the best way to recover from this. The system is running on a pi4b 2gb with 64gb ssd.
thanks in advance Ken