Cant access HA through Duckdns after provider change

After a provider change I cant reacht home assistant anymore from outside of my network. The router is the same and nothing changed except my provider.
I can ping my duckdns from within homeassistant but I cant reach it from the outside.
Any Ideas on that?

Im pretty sure Your New Provider have NOT Provided you with the same WAN-IP, as Your Previous Provider did… Regardless if You still use the same Router

are you using the duckdns addon inside home assistant? or did you configure your provider ip directly using duckdns’s website?
most likely that ip address that duckdns has recorded as your external ip needs to be updated. the duckdns addon will typically do that automatically for you if you’ve got it configured right. otherwise you need to go to and do it manually

it seems like the ip is the same as before. Could it be that only ipv6 works with the new provider?
I guess ill just redo the whole duckdns setup from scratch

What do you mean ?, in your duck-settings or in Your Router ?

if u changed internet providers I would be super surprised if your external IP are the same.

you don’t need to redo all of duckdns. Just log in and put the new external IP. Takes 30 secs

or install the home assistant duckdns addon and let it do it for you.

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I double checked my external IP with and its the same as in duckdns. Maybe the plugin already updated it.