Can't access HA url

First i’d like to mention im a newb, just starting with HA. I flashed the OS on a SD card, connected to my PI 4b, but i am unable to connect to the HA url.

I connected the PI to a monitor, and HA is booting fine, however I noticed its not getting any IP address assigned. I don’t have a keyboard to connect to the PI…


Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Check your router to see what IP it had assigned to it?

Is the ethernet cable plugged in at each end (I jest not, I spent hours debugging a network problem once, only to discover the cable wasn’t plugged in).

I don’t see it in the router…

Yeah, ethernet plugged in properly, network lights blinking at both ends.

Get a keyboard, that you can use in such cases …

Looks like that is the only option…
You can use command line and type

ha network info

Thank you gentlemen! Yes, I ordered the cheapest keyboard from Amazon I could find.

Just to be safe, you already tried homeassistant:8123 ?

Yes, I did

i don’t know how this “image” looks like you flashed, if it’s expecting a WiFi connection or Ethernet, and network-settings etc. … But i would try to “reboot” your PI again( if you not already tried that )

How did you flash the SD card if you don’t have a keyboard?

I used Balena Etcher on a PC…

Then, there’s your keyboard.
Unless you are calling a tablet or laptop a PC?

Not sure I follow…How I can run the terminal on the PI if it doesn’t get an IP address and I cannot connect to it? I need a keyboard that i can connect to PI.

He probably used a laptop, you can’t connect that keyboard to something else :wink:

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I thought that after I posted. A laptop is not a PC

Of course it is a pc.

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A laptop may run PC software, but “PC” is as generic a word as is “Car”. A Volkswagen and a Lexus are both cars.
My desktop PC has multiple internal drives including a separate disk for my Documents folder, a mirror backup and a scratch drive. My desktop PC has three 24-inch screens, six USB3 ports, a Firewire expansion board, 5.1 audio and a USB keyboard.

My mistake was assuming that when the OP said “PC”, he meant a desktop PC.

PC is short for Personal Computer. You don’t get much more personal than a laptop.

But yeah as an amateur IT guy for many years, I am amazed when someone says they don’t have a keyboard. There is always one sitting in a pile of dust in the garage. Or I can unplug the server one which generally is not needed, or I can find my i8 in the drawer Handheld i8 Mini Wireless Keyboard 2.4GHz Russian English Language Air Mouse With Touchpad for Laptop Android TV Box PC|Keyboards| - AliExpress