Cant access HA web interface

I recently restart my homeassistant thats running on docker and now i cant access the web interface?

What are the errors?

where should i look for the errors? nothing loads in a web browser. This is like the 3rd time this has happened to me. I reboot HA and lose the web interface and Im getting very irritated

There’s a log file in your config directory. You should read it when you have problems. It will tell you why it doesn’t load.

Sounds like you’re making mistakes in the config file…

ok i think i found the issue. but i need to add this
customize: !include config/customize.yaml
but when i add it thats when i run into issues.

WEll maybe not… i only see one thing in my log file

Which is?

Because that directory and file doesn’t exist.

customize: !include customize.yaml

2019-09-01 08:37:50 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.bootstrap] Error loading /config/configuration.yaml: Secret USPS_camera not defined

im not seeing a config for usps_camera

your talking about home-assistant.log correct?

You have something calling a secret incorrectly?

I looked and i have no idea what its refering to. aside from that i wouldnt think an incorrect secret would prevent HA from starting properly.

Formatting will prevent HA from starting. If it can’t find a reference that YOU put in the config, it won’t start up…

Apparently you have created a reference somewhere in your config to a secret named USPS_camera that doesn’t exist in your secrets.yaml file.

You will need to find that and remove it. or, lacking that, just try adding a dummy secret to your secrets.yaml with the name USPS_camera and see if it at least brings the UI back up again.

That error could possibly be a red herring leading you down the wrong path to solving your real problem.