Can't access hasbian.local, but can access by IP

Basically what the title says, going to http://hassbian.local:8123 and it can’t connect, however it can connect if I reference the IP on the same port.

Fresh install, so I assume I’m missing something stupid.

Well unless your link is just a typo here, your url is incorrect.


Yup, that’s a typo

Is what I get

Well, do you have a DNS server on your network, that is configured to resolve hassbian.local?

If you don’t have one, that’ll be why it’s not working :wink:

What does your name resolution? Your router or do you have the machine you’re on set to use something like google dns directly?

Have you verified your hostname?

pi@raspi1:~$ hostname

Turns out my DNS was not working well at all on my router so I ended up using ZeroConf instead which is working fine.

Thanks all for the suggestions and help!

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