Can't access Hassbian web UI due to the port closed

I followed this tutorial and installed Hassbian seccessfully.

But I still can’t reach the webUI through hassbian.local:8123/ nor ip:8123.
Then I use nmap to scan the ip of that raspberypi, I found that it only opened the port 22.
How to make the port 8123 work?

check the home assistant log file. My guess is that it isn’t actually running.

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That only shows Ended unfinished session

I assume you followed this instruction too

If you find that the web page is not reachable after 30 minutes or so, check that you have files in /home/homeassistant/.homeassistant/ , if there are no files in this location then run the installer manually using this command: sudo systemctl start install_homeassistant.service .