Can't access hassio/homeassistant though http

Suddenly my hassio running homeassistant installation stopped working and I can’t access the front end through :8123. I get a “ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED”.

I can however read the files through samba from my windows machines.
I can also access the PI3 directly and when looking at the logs (using ha logs) nothing pops out as wrong (altough I’m a bit unsure what to look for I have to admit).

Im running home assistant version 0.86.2.

I’m lost, what should I look for?

First clear your browser cache -ctrl-f5 in most cases.

Done that, and that was not the solution.

I did however find the solution. I have 2 chromecast devices and one of them did not get access to internet. When this was fixed homeassistant started as normal. I know this was a known bug, but it was supposed to be fixed before - which is not the case. Should I drop a bug report for this scenario?