Cant access home assistant after update

Recently my dad and I installed home assistant onto my old laptop. Ever since the update we have not been able to access home assistant. We are paying the monthly subscription to use home assisnant from anywhere. Do I need to update anything to fix this issue?


Hi there… was is the os of your laptop and how did you install HA? Normally an update procedure wont affect the working of HA.

windows 10 for the laptop, and linux 64-bit for the VM

Did you make sure that the virtual machine is running in VM manager?

I have, I’ve even restarted the VM and still have the same issue. I just wanted to know if i will need to update it some how as the address i use to access home assistant isnt my ip

I am not aware of anything you have update for such a process. Did you set static ip for vm?please check your router for the ip address of the VM. maybe it could have been changed.

Hi sheminasalam, I managed to fix it by logging into the original ip for the address. I then went into the supervisor tab and had 2 things that needed to be updated!

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