Can't access Home assistant with HAOS VM with ZHA, since NO IP address showing on HAOS

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I can’t access home assistant that I am running through a Virtual Maching with HAOS. When I enter the IP:8123, it shows me error saying ‘CAn’t reach the site’ . The VM is running properly though , with all the automations in the background, but it just doesn’t let me inside Home assistant site.

Attached picture is showing the HAOS window not showing any IPV6 address. Is this the reaason I am having the issue? If so, what can I do to access HASS?

What IP?
What hypervisor?
How did you configure the networking side of your VM?

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I have installed the home assistant in a virtual Machine with Oracle VM ‘Virtual Box’ with ZHA . And I basically followed the video link below exactly to configure the Home Assistant in the virtual machine

Usually I login into my HASS from another computer/ phone with address like below:
But since this morning I can’t login to the site anymore. Sorry I am new to this and don’t know all the details or technical terms . Any solution what I can do?

That’s surely an information you should have included in your original post.
That implies something has changed that broke your setup.
What has changed between the lat time it worked and this morning?

Did you turn it off an on again :wink: