Can't access homeassistant right after installation


I just flashed the latest home assistant image 3.14 from its official website on SD card, then Inserted it to my RPI3 model B but can’t access it - nor from, neither from http://homeassistant.local:8123/. Please also find attached the log I see on the screen attached to my RPI.

Note that I’m connecting not wirelessly but with an ethernet cable directly to my router

What is the problem ? How can I overcome this issue ?
I’m stuck for a lot of time on this stage for some reason I don’t know why.

Anyone ? Please help me

After 2 hours, still nothing ?


What is wrong ?

Check this :

My time in the rpi ? In the laptop I’m trying to access to ? In what device ? How can I configure time in RPI if this is the case ?

Can please someone help me with that issue ?

Detailed instructions in the link posted above.