Can't access web gui

So I’ve been changing a few things on my network and because of that I had to change the IP of my HA OS vm from to I changed directly on the console of the VM using nmcli and rebooted. The console now correctly reports the new IP for the VM’s NIC, and the IP does respond to pings from my computer. However I can’t access the web gui at or at http://homeassistant.local. I can connect on my iPhone via http://homeassistant.local (still not via IP directly though), i’m chalking that up to maybe mDNS being kinda half baked on windows? So what the hell did I break? Am I missing something obvious here? Why can’t I hit the webgui anymore from a windows box anymore?

What is the IP address and subnet mask of the computer where you are failing to connect from?

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I’m on the same subnet and vlan with proper subnet mask. I did notice something like the following in the logs “Received X-Forwarded-For header from untrusted proxy” from I realized I didn’t update my reverse proxy settings in my config.yaml (It was still set to, now its I can now access home assistant again through dns resolution of my reverse proxy.

Now I’m scratching my head, did this every work? Was it ever possible to access home assistant with just its IP, or does the OS have some kinda of internal proxy situation going on where it enforces only responding to queries via the configured internal or external domain name? Did I just never notice cause I don’t normally try to do that?

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