Can't add Aqara H1 switch to ZHA after removing it

I’ve had an Aqara H1 battery switch for a while now, and I’m super happy with it. It’s very clicky, and only needs the slightest tap, unlike most battery switches that require a slow/long press to register.

I had to change the battery today, and now I’m facing all kinds of issues. Somehow, I can’t get the switch to connect to ZHA anymore (it wasn’t triggering an automation before/after changing the battery, so I removed it and tried to add it again). When I hold the left button down for 10 seconds (factory reset), ZHA does see the switch, and tries to configure it, but it just gets stuck there.

Meanwhile, whenever I press a button, two unrelated Zigbee relays trigger, which is very annoying. Even after factory resetting, this behavior remains. Does anyone have a clue what could be causing this?

So, a slight update. The random connection (coupled mode?) between the switch and 2 relays has stopped after resetting it what feels like 300 times. However, I still can’t add it to HA, which is frustrating me to bits. It just gets stuck on configuring, or it does add the switch, but it has no entities, or the entities are immediately unavailable. I’d love to share a log of some sorts, but I’m not quite sure where to find one that’s related to the adding of new ZHA devices.

Also, whenever a device does get added (with or without entities), it does have previous logbook events, so it seems like there’s some kind of memory. I feel like this is probably part of the issue.

I’m seriously considering moving over to Zigbee2MQTT, also because it seems like it’s much more user friendly and offers a lot more configuration options, but ZHA is a lot easier to set up.

18 open issues on GitHub…

I have a feeling it’s caused by the switch itself though, can’t even get it to factory reset anymore. Guess I’m buying a new one… I really liked the H1 though, it was a very good switch.