Can't add device to ESP home

Apologies as i’m new to this
I have Rasp PI 4 running HA.
Linking to HA and ESP home through NABU when i try to add device to ESP it stays on the Initializing screen.

any help please

Baby steps - what exactly have you done?

How did you “add the device”?


thanks for responding.

so in HA via nabu on my laptop, on ESPhome (dev) click on + add device and just get Initializing and the spinning wheel.
If I use chrome and homeassistant.local it wont let me as i’m not on HTTPS so i can go to the website but even then it wont recognise my device.

any thoughts?

Yes for me I can only flash my devices if I am connected via HTTPS. It provides a level of security via SSL otherwise everybody would be flashing my nodes! I do most of my updates REMOTELY 50 MILES away :slight_smile:

I forget whether I can flash locally via HTTP. I haven’t tried it but I would have thought it would be possible?

There are four methods of flashing an esp device with esphome, and only one requires https.

The first thing you will see when clicking add new device is a brief dialog with a revolving circle and the word “Initialising”. That disappears and is replaced by this, which is the start of the setup process

It doesn’t matter whether this is on http or https, because there is no flashing involved yet.

If the “Initialising” dialog is staying indefinitely, try reloading the page with a clear cache (ctrl-F5). Alternatively it may be caused by a realllllllyy slow connection. It is however nothing to do with http/s or nabu casa.

so when i am connecting locally i get this screen when i select + new device

when I go via nabu I get the initializing screen, even after clearing the cache I get the same.
if i go via the website I get a bit further and can flash the chip but then stops just after.