Can't add single entity to scene


I started porting my scenes from Hue to Home Assistant. Main reason is that I started adding lights, that are not part of Hue.

However, when I add my Exhaust Hood light (Home Connect) under “Entities”, it will not just add the light entity but put the whole device under devices. I do not want that as it has side effects: When the hood is already running and I start the scene to adjust the light, the hood will stop as it was off when the whole device was captured where I only wanted that entity.

So right now the only way to accomplish this seems to be a script instead of a scene, as the scene only wants the full device (or entities that dont have a device). Why?

This is making scenes kind of useless to me, because when I start using a script for one scene, it would only make sense to screw scenes at all and use Skipts everywhere to have a consistent setup that allows for flawless automations (needless to say that it really sucks when creating an automation and sometimes you have a script for a scene and sometimes a scene).

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I can add entities that don’t have a device to scenes ?

I can, too.

But when I add an entity that has a device, the whole device is added instead of just the entity.


I add the light of my Siemens exhaust hood under entities but instead of adding only that entity, the whole device is added, including on/off, program, intensity and so on, while I only want to save the lights state and not the others in the scene.

Same happens for my Bravia TV. I just want to add the TV, but the whole device is added, including tv and remote.

Ah, using the scene editor ? See if you can remove the device editing scenes.yaml.

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Good idea, will give it a try :slight_smile:

Okay, just deletedthe entities in the YAML. I gues I will have to do that again after editing the scene with the editor again. However it’s a good workaround.