Can't add Zengge / Hao Deng Smart Bluetooth Controller

I tried to integrate my rgbw controller but can’t get it to work.

used this script: Zengge - Home Assistant (

controller: Wifi Bluetooth Network RGB LED Strip 20M 600 (4x150) LED Stripes with Smart App Controlled 5050 Light Tubes LED Strip 12 V 5 A for Home Decoration: Beleuchtung

I tried the folling in every possible order:

  1. added the script into the config file and changed the Bluetooth mac address to the mac address of my controller (scanned with my smartphone)
  2. reseted the controller (for pairing)
  3. restarted hassio

The controller is accessible via the hao deng app without problems.

What am I missing?
Thanks :slight_smile:


Did you get this working?


Hello fataxp7,

sad news: I wasn’t able to get it to work.
I swiched to a zigbee rgb controller. Then I was able to pair it like any other zigbee device.

Good luck :slight_smile:

This might be a bit of a stretch, but I’ve recently bought a fancy RGB LED ring, which turned out to be a Bluetooth- and 2.4GHz-RF-controlled Zengge device. Any chance of integrating it into Home Assistant? The lamp and its effects are surprisingly nice.

Hi flappflapp,

I´m facing the same issue here.

I would like to switch to zigbee too, which controller did you use, rgb, rgbw,….?

And did you just replaced the controller completely?