Can't automate eWeLink device

Hey, i have installed the eWeLink smart home Add-on and i have my account and everything. But the switched are only read only so they don’t have a unique ID and I can’t create any automation with them. Any idea how to fix them?
They are the last 4 switches on these image

I had a couple of eWeLink sockets that did that, I removed them from HA, set them up in Tuya, there was an update, I updated the firmware on them, deleted them from Tuya and reloaded them into HA, works perfectly now. Worth a try?

i have sone tuya devices but i don’t think i can connect my sonoff 4CHPROR3 with tuya

Use the integration installed via HACS.
It supports almost all Sonoff devices.
It works much better and without problems.

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I have installed the integration, now the devices apear but i still can’t add them so i can turn them on or off throught a automation

Do not use devices in automation, but entities and service calls.

service: switch.turn_on
dates: {}
   entity_id: switch.sonoff_xxxxxxx
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Thanks, that works