Can't check BT connected devices anymorwe

Hi all.
It looks like that since I upgraded to 2022.6 I can’t detect connected devices anymore.
I was using this to open my gate automatically when my mobile gets connected to car in the morning, but it stopped working a couple of weeks ago.
I checked everything but I didn’t find a solution.
Here is an example using my miband, connected all the time but not paired:

This is the value_template:

value_template: “{{ is_state_attr(‘sensor.mi9t_pro_alex_bluetooth_connection’, ‘connected_not_paired_devices’, ‘[E6:9E:A6:7B:55:EC]’) }}”

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Could you paste in a picture of the sensor in state list in developer tools.
This will show us how the attribute data is formatted.

There was a breaking change to move from sending a strong to an actual list, you will need to update your automations. We also mentioned this breaking change in the change log prompt.

I think I missed that, I’ll check it now.

Is it this?
“Breaking change: Send sensor attributes as a list instead of string when possible”

Is there an example, maybe about another sensor, to have an idea of what kind of modification should be done? I think I undestood that in my code it’s used as a string, but I don’t know how to change it to a list.
Any example should be useful to help me to correct the code.

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here is an example template I use to check if my phone is connected to my truck bluetooth:

"{{ 'AA:DD:BB:62:FA:FE' in state_attr('sensor.my_mobile_app_bluetooth_connection', 'connected_paired_devices') }}"

i post here because i have the same probleme and i can’t understand how to correct automation.

my orginal automation was

platform: state
  - sensor.mi10ha_bluetooth_connection
attribute: connected_paired_devices
to: '[80:19:34:78:98:AC]'

it does not work anymore
so i tryied to check in a condition and i can’t get it work
then i tryied the following but it does not work and my automation do not need this condition but a trigger

condition: template
value_template: >-
  "{{ '80:19:34:78:98:AC' in state_attr('sensor.mi10ha_bluetooth_connection', 'connected_paired_devices') }}"

i spent hours on this. the graphical editor lead you do it easily but it do not work anymore (to me.)
plz help

This worked!
Thank you very much!

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just create a template trigger using the same template:

  - platform: template
    value_template: >
      {{ '80:19:34:78:98:AC' in state_attr('sensor.mi10ha_bluetooth_connection', 'connected_paired_devices') }}
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it’s all good thank you very much

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