Can't configure Motioneye on Overview Window

I have a raspberry pi zero running a camera.

In Home Assistant MotionEye has been added as an Add On and the service started. I have also added it to the sidebar.

From the Home Assistant sidebar for Motioneye, I can connect to my remote camera and see it just fine.

However, I can’t seem to find out how to add it to the HomeAssistant Overview window.

Part of the problem may be that when I go to the Home Assistant - Settings - Devices and Services window I see MotionEye as discovered but not configured. However, when I click on the ‘Configure’ button, I see where I should be able to tell it my admin and surveillance user ids and passwords; but whatever I type there the system will not accept.

For example, if I type
admin userid: unadmin
admin password: test
surveillance userid: unsurveillance
surveillance password: test2

I get “Invalid authentication”.

I have also tried just entering
admin userid: admin
admin password: (left blank)
surveillance userid: surveillance
surveillance password: (left blank)

and a bunch of other combinations - but none work.

Any insights would be appreciated.

I made some progress, but am still not there yet.

I had start Motion Eye via the sidebar, then sign in as the administrator, then set an administrator and surveillance user id and password. Following this I was able to set the administrator and surveillance user id and password on the Home Assistant - Settings - Devices and Services window using the same userids and passwords that I had just created.

I still haven’t figured out how to get the streaming video on the overview.

almost got it …

added a ‘Picture Entity Card’ Configuration to the overview, selected the Camera Entity to my camera, and set it to ‘Auto’.

The video is streaming, but the image only gets updated once every 10 seconds or so on the overview page.

Inside the sidebar motion eye window the fps is set to 30 and the image while a bit choppy does get updated in more or less near real time.

Not sure how to get the same near real time updates to the overview window.