Can't connect Eve Door on HA, can connect via Apple Home

I’m using HA OS and have already some matter devices configured.
For some reason, I cannot add Eve Door & Window sensor. I bought two of them, both dont work so I dont think it’s a hardware issue.

This is strenghtened by the fact that I can connect them both to Apple Home every time.

Matter server always gives the same error:

2024-03-26 19:29:49 (MainThread) INFO [matter_server.server.device_controller] Starting Matter commissioning with code using Node ID 8 (attempt 2/3).
2024-03-26 19:30:19 (Dummy-2) CHIP_ERROR [chip.native.CTL] Discovery timed out
2024-03-26 19:30:19 (Dummy-2) CHIP_ERROR [chip.native.ZCL] Secure Pairing Failed
2024-03-26 19:30:20 (Dummy-2) CHIP_ERROR [chip.native.DIS] Timeout waiting for mDNS resolution.

Anyone knows what causes this?

For what it’s worth, I just hit the same symptoms today. Eve Door and Window sensor would not add to HA even though it was already added to HomeKit just fine. This happened identically with three sensors. Restarting the sensors or iOS device didn’t help. What did help for whatever reason is a full reboot of the HA machine. After it came back online, adding worked as expected on all three Eve Door / Window sensors.

I had exactly the same issue for months.

Try to remove any switch between your Home Assistant and your router and connect your Home Assistant directly to your router.

Shutdown your router and your Home Assistant and turn them on after, first the router.

In my case worked immediately, I could connect to Home Assistant, at first try, Eve Energy, Eve Door and Eve Motion.

Let me know if it worked also for you.

BTW, I had the devices from Eve already paired to Apple Home, I just had copied the pairing code from each device in Apple Home and paste them in Home Assistant (…add device, matter device and so on).

I hope you find this useful as I was out of ideas what could be the issue with my network.