Can't connect to harmony hub using Logitech integration

Hoping someone can help me figure out why my harmony hub and elite remote have basically turned into paper weights over the past 3 days.

I’ve gone as far as to completely remove them from my Logitech account and factory reset them, and recreate the devices and activities from scratch as new.

First, I cannot add my hub to the Android app, which prevents me from linking them to my Nvidia Shields for Bluetooth control.

Second, I cannot pair my Phillips hue hub with the harmony hubs, for control of lights.

Third, I cannot connect to the hub’s local IP address in the Home Assistant integration, even though it connects to my ssid using the desktop app, and it’s showing up on my router on the 2.4ghz network.

The remote and hub are paired with each other, and I can control devices (besides the shield, which is the primary reason I use the elite).

I have two hubs, and both are behaving this way. Nothing has changed with my router in any way.

I’ve removed any static IP links to these devices, rebooted everything, ensured there’s no filtering of Mac addresses, etc…

No joke, I’ve spent 15 hours of my time trying to fix this over the past 3 days. I’m losing my mind with frustration. The worst part is there’s no comparable devices on the market.

Please help!

It’s not just you.

The integration seems to be broken: