Can't Connect to home assistant 8123

I am trying to get HomeAssistant to run using Virtual Box 6.1.32 on my Mac Mini running mac OS 12.0.01. HA has appeared top start correctly. as I see this in the preview

I am using a Bridged adapter on Virtual Box. I ping HA. i get a response at as indicated by the preview. I can access and get the observer window… i can not connect to I can ping homeassistant.local and
it resolves t0 as to be expected. My machine ip is So I am in the same sub net. But i cant get the control window to come up. Any thoughts?

Did your HA instance start correctly?
As you can access command line - have you checked home-assistant.log with “cat” or “tail” command?
Any output there?

As far as I can see HA started correctly. I jgave no idea what variables I would be using with “cat” or “tail”. What also puzzled me is that at observation mode. is working.

I think the problem is being caused by my attempts to integrate the an w800rf32. Although this supposed to be an internal integration… it seems to keep blocking communication with HA via GUI. Not much info except inability to get it work one the w800rf32 integration.

I had the same issue. finaly i just start home assistant typing ha core start in console (CLI?)
Looks like it worked