Can't connect to Home Assistant thru repeater

Hello everyone,

I am desperate trying to connect my phone to Home Assistant thru my repeater. It works with the Laptop, but not with the app.

Network Settings:

  • The raspberry pi on which HA is installed is connected via wifi to the main router.
  • The repeater is connected to the main router and my room is next to the repeater, in which my laptop is (the laptop can connect perfectly with HA)
  • The main router and repeater have nearly default settings. I just configured the static IP-Address for HA afterwards and few other devices. I also enabled VPN and Dyn DNS after i setted up HA to connect with HA when i’m away (to not pay).

Device and HA Settings:

  • I’m using my samsung galaxy S9 to connect with HA with normal wifi settings (i also tryed static settings).
  • The HA application runs perfectly with default settings when the phone’s connected with the main router (and also with static settings)
  • HA app: i configured both URLs and ssid settings (i tryed also just with URL and it works perfectly)

What i’ve tryed:

  • Tryed nearly every network and wifi setting configuration on the router and phone
  • Looked in many forums and also asked in the discord chat without success (also here)
  • I tryed to reset everything but also without success

If i connect via HA app there comes the error message http://IP:8123/?external_auth=1 and net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED. Its just very strange because it works on the laptop but not on the app. But it works when i connect to the main router. And a few month ago it worked for a few days and suddenly stoped working without any setting changes.

I don’t know but maybe i lost the overview and over look something very simple…

Now my question: Has anybody had experienced my problem and has any advices or solutions?