Can't connect to https://hostname:8123 - IP works :-(

since today I cannot connect my site via the hostname:

that is my normal url… doesn’t work actually:


actual working OK:
https://raspy61:8123. ← temporary changed the hostname in the router for DNS

What could this be?

http config in configuration.yaml

server_port: 8123
#base_url: https://raspy6:8123
ssl_certificate: !secret ssl_certificate
ssl_key: !secret ssl_key
ssl_profile: intermediate
ip_ban_enabled: False

i am on:

Home Assistant 2021.8.8 and all updates are made

the certificate is self signed, hold the raspy6 and the IP address

Problem is with safari, firefox and the companion App on IOS: All caches reloaded.

the site already opens, but no connection to the homeasssistant backend is possible.

Viele Grüße, Gerald

Try ping raspy6 on your computer. You are probably having problems with hostname resolution.
If ping works, try “Clear cookies and site data” in Firefox (click on the lock symbol next to the address bar).

Hi, hostname resolution is not the problem.

I just in the second got it working.

In my Configuration “Allgemein - interne URL” was the “https://raspy6:8123” set. Now I deleted it and it is working again.

regards, Gerald