Can't connect to Lutron bridge

I’m having trouble connecting my Lutron bridge. It’s recognized in HASS and it asks to press the black button on the back of the bridge after submitting the phone, I do so but then it simply says failed to connect. Any help would be great, thanks.

Can you check if you see anything on homeassistant.log about this?
Mine has been working for a while but was configured with yaml a long time ago, and it recently stopped working.

I have filed a bug report on github and they recommended I try setting up via the UI like you are doing, but I’ll have to wait until I get home to press the button on the device.

My bug report is here in case you want to follow

I’d still be interested on the output from your logs though.

I wasn’t even able to get as far as connecting the device therefore I have nothing in the logs… I’m asking for help with how to actually set this up.

I ended up getting mine to work. I migrated my old yaml setup, but it turns out it wanted the files directly in config/ not in any other path, not even under there.

How did you generate the files? I can’t get seem to do that.

See Lutron Caséta - Home Assistant
Scroll down to the Manual Hub Configuration section