Cant connect to my HA via external Domain from my local network

After a view years of running HA, I decided to reinstall it to have a new, clean HA running without any unused Automations and Integrations. After reinstalling it, I noticed, that I cant connect from my local network to HA through my external domain ( I am running Let’s Encrypt for https access. With the old instance of HA everything worked fine for years and I changed nothing on my network setup. Connecting from outside of my LAN via the domain works fine. Also a internal connection with my local IP address works as it should. Any ideas why this happened?

You sure, you are using https and not http in the address you are using locally?

Maybe you don’t have NAT loopback and in your previous installation you had DNS mask so when you accessed your external domain from inside your network you were redirected to your local IP.

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