Cant connect to my Homekit in HA with IPhone (First setup=

Hi Experts, I’m fairly new to HAO. I‘d like to integrate Homekit to use Aqara products. I’m having problem setting up HomeKit integration. I would like to set it up as a Bridge to control non HomeKit accessories. In HA, I added HomeKit as an inegration, since it didnt poped up automatically (I only have an IPhone from my gf and the Aqara Hub M2). A HASS Bridge gets created and a QR code gets generated in Notifications. I open HomeKit on my iPhone and try to Add Accessory using the QR Code, next a dialog box displays a “Bridge” icon with a Add to Home button.

I then press the Add to Home button and then dialog box displays:

“Connecting to Bridge” with these messages below:“This may take a few minutes”

after a few moments, the message changes to:“Device could not be connected, device not available/reachable.” Translated from German.

I’ve tried this step multiple times and keep getting the same results. Im running HA in Virtual Box (Linux) on my Windows PC.

Do I have to do anything else so that the IPhone can connect tot he virtual homekit bridge?
I only need this to get my Aqara products into HA, since I dont have any other Zigbee Hub.
(I have the Hue Bidge, but I think it does not allow other products and I have the Aqara Hub M2).

Thanks for any help in advance