Can't connect to my remote SSL domain for Home Assistant

My remote URL to my Home Assistant has stopped working and I don’t really remember how it was set-up in the beginning. It was about a year ago and I got help from this forum I think, but can’t find where (?!). Maybe it was somewhere else then or that post has been deleted.

Anyway, the problem seem to be that there is a certificate mismatch. Some certificate has expired and I’m not good at these things at all that’s why I searched for help in the beginning. I’m thinking I’m really gonna save info about how to solve it this time.

So, I had made it really nice and easy for myself to reach my Home Assistant with just a simple subdomain in the format “”, you understand. It’s secured with SSL certificate so it’s reached by https:// in the beginning. Anyway. visiting my domain now results in this:

On desktop:

On phone (The text is in Swedish but the text in the red circle says that it’s 101 days since the certificate expired):

Fortunately I can still reach HA locally. So I went in to look how things look like if anything looks wrong. But yeah, I don’t even remember what it should look like. But here is the Let’s Encrypt admin:

And here is NGINX Home Assistant SSL proxy:

And lastly here is the port forwarding on the router:

Anything else you wanna see? Can someone help me? Please :slight_smile: