Can't control light

I’m currently running everything through Philips Hue (bridge, first party bulbs, some Gledopto LED strips), and trying to migrate to Home Assistant for better control.

Two of the Gledopto strips are reported as unavailable in both the Hue app, and the 3rd party app that I normally use (all 4 hue), but they work anyway. I can control them directly, and they also follow any setting I set for the room they are in.

However, Home Assistant doesn’t seem to like the fact that they appear as unavailable. I can’t control them individually at all, and I even tried creating a script that would change their state, which doesn’t work. However, if I control a light group that they are in, they do follow the group.

Now, if I create a custom light group in Home Assistant that they are part of, then this also doesn’t work. They only follow a group if that group is in Hue, not in HA. Not sure what the distinction is here, but Hue groups appear to be entities where the “Integration” column says “Philips Hue”, while HA groups have the “Integration” say “Group”. HA groups also appear as Helpers, while Hue groups do not.

Does this mean that HA just can never control these lights directly, and Hue groups only work because HA sends the command to the Hue bridge, which handles the rest? Can this not be done for individual lights as well?

I’m guessing a workaround would be to store these two lights as their own individual groups in Hue, and control those from HA. But is there a way to do it more directly?