Can't control temperature mqtt climate

I have setup the mqtt climate component but i cant control the temperature.
My config:

  - platform: mqtt
    name: airco_woonkamer_mqtt
      - "off"
      - "auto"
      - "heat"
      - "dry"
      - "fan_only"
      - "cool"
      - "1"
      - "2"
      - "3"
      - "4"
      - "swing"
      - "1"
      - "2"
      - "3"
      - "4"
    power_command_topic: "airco_woonkamer/power/command"
    power_state_topic: "airco_woonkamer/power/state"
    mode_command_topic: "airco_woonkamer/mode/command"
    mode_state_topic: "airco_woonkamer/mode/state"
    temperature_command_topic: "airco_woonkamer/temp/command"
    temperature_state_topic: "airco_woonkamer/temp/state"
    fan_mode_command_topic: "airco_woonkamer/speed/command"
    fan_mode_state_topic: "airco_woonkamer/speed/state"
    swing_mode_command_topic: "airco_woonkamer/vane/command"
    swing_mode_state_topic: "airco_woonkamer/vane/state"
    precision: 1.0
    min_temp: 18
    max_temp: 30
    current_temperature_topic: "airco_woonkamer/current_temp"

I can control options but not the temperature…

Go to Developer tools > MQTT and publish a value to:


For example:


Confirm the device receives the new temperature setting.

If it does not then double-check you are using the correct topic and payload format.

Thx a lot, that was the trick! It was not the correct payload for my AC.
The only problem i have now is that he don’t switch on when i change the temperature.
The payloads and topics are correct

It’s been my experience that a thermostat whose mode is off won’t change itself to on when you change its temperature setpoint.

I don’t know what kind of thermostat you are using but when you control it manually (not via Home Assistant) does it automatically change from off to on when you increase its temperature setpoint?

No i have to switch it on by remote. So i have change my node red, that he will check or the switch is on or not. Thx for your help!